Wow, wow! Didn’t feel like an all-day inset. It was incredibly informative, well delivered by a facilitator who is conversant regarding procedures from all sides having worked in education as a SENCo for many years previously. Sam has a wealth of knowledge regarding mental health, what relevant triggers are that cause concerns about mental health in young people.

Delegates found the Cognitive Behaviour Therapy extremely useful, some even enthused to consider training in this area to support pupils. Staff have taken on board what was shared adjusting approaches to vulnerable pupils because of the training.

All delegates voiced how approachable, humanised and witty Sam was in her style. We would certainly encourage other placements to offer training in this area.

L Rodgers - Pastoral Manager, Greswell Primary, Denton

Sam has spent a full day in the college working with a wide variety of staff and students in small and large group settings. Covering topics such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy to support vulnerable students, Understanding Mental Health in staff & students and whole staff training on metacognition and how the brain works when learning and during challenging situations. Sam's unique, informative and entertaining style delivers difficult messages and develops deep understanding where staff and pupils alike are receptive to her knowledge and humour. Without hesitation we would recommended Sam, she provides high quality and informative Continued Professional Development for the school community.

K Dyke - Principal Callington Community College

Thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon. I have already received lots of extremely positive feedback from my year 11 and the staff. Your session with the girls just before their mocks was spot on. They entered the room sceptical and to be honest rather wishing they had a double maths lesson instead. They left laughing, happy, relaxed and positive... the perfect state mind and just what they needed to relieve their anxiety before next week. Your session with staff was, as always, informative, entertaining and thought provoking. You really are a superb trainer. Looking forward to our next session

P Cawley - St Teresas School

Sam elevated our mental health conference with her knowledge, realism and wit which completely engaged all 80 delegates. Sam was determined to make her key note sessions bespoke, purposeful and relevant and this was much appreciated by all. It is so refreshing to have such an entertaining but down to earth approach for schools - much needed in a world of jargon and elitism. I've never seen so many unprompted glowing responses on an evaluation! You will be needed again! Thank you.

J Sadler - Head of Education, St Andrews

Sam’s presentation to the teaching staff was fascinating, well-informed and highly relevant to our programme of well-being support for pupils and staff alike. Her irreverent approach instantly engaged those present and the session was infused with outrageous humour. Sam presented three completely separate sessions within one day, covering more detailed emotional education for boarding staff as well as an overview of access arrangements for teaching staff. The staff reaction was possibly the most enthusiastic I have encountered in INSET.

B Gudgeon - Sherborne Girls

Samantha came into the College to deliver training sessions on Mental Health and Building Positive Relationships to staff. Samantha was clearly very knowledgeable about the subject and the sessions were extremely engaging and entertaining. Many staff said it was the best training they have ever had! I would highly recommend Samantha to other Colleges and I hope to persuade her to return here.

P Forchione - Buckinghamshire College Group

C Guyton - St. Leonards Academy

I had seen Sam in action previously at the Mental Health in Schools Conference and had recieved training from her on the SENCo Specialist Course. That‘s why when I began my post as SENCo and was set my first task to plan whole school CPD, I couldn‘t think of anyone better to deliver the mental health based training I had in mind. Sam didn‘t disappoint. As always she was engaging, interesting, upbeat, informative and abreast of all the current best practice recommendations. The staff still comment that it was the most interesting and enjoyable inset day training that we‘ve ever had.

C Ciano - Barnardos

Sam delivered a superb workshop on ADD/ADHD/OCD, stress and anxiety to our pastoral team of Housemasters and Housemistresses. The content was excellent and extremely relevant to the audience who enjoyed and benefitted from the morning. Her delivery is outstanding and created an open, interactive and purposeful atmosphere. Best of all, it was also a lot of fun and that is not easy to achieve with such important topics.

N Lunnon - Wellington College

In January 2017, we engaged Sam for three days of training and consultancy in JCQ’s Access Arrangements for public examinations, which proved to be an excellent choice and decision.

We would recommend Sam without hesitation to any school. She is a fountain of knowledge, wisdom and advice and possesses that rare quality of being able to motivate all around her. She is entertaining and charming but also exceedingly hard-working and thorough. Rarely have we come across such an outstanding practitioner.

K Barbrook (Headteacher) Graveney School, London

Sam delivered a thoughtful and reflective workshop: 'Building Positive Relationships with our Students' as part of our whole staff CPDL pastoral day. I had already seen this presentation before but was as engaged the second time as the first. She has a great sense of humour which our staff group definitely appreciated. I had lots of positive comments from the entire group, saying they will be trying some of the techniques discussed. I have used the lunchtime tip that you shared with us and it really does make a difference to our students, so thank you. A great Workshop - would thoroughly reccomend

J Jones, RSA Academy

Just to let you know that the feedback I have received from the day was overwhelmingly positive. All of the attendees found the day helpful and thought it gave them strategies to use. Also, a number of the TA's who attend felt that they gained from the day and intend to use strategies from the day back in school.

K Staines, ASCEND, W Sussex

We use GES Ltd to provide specialist training and advice to our clients. The understanding of the issues faced by schools is second to none, and we always receive superb feedback from their involvement.

T Sutton, CEO, Scaning Pens Ltd

Clients include:

  • Wellington College
  • Guildford College
  • British School of Bucharest
  • Sherborne Girls
  • Buckinghamshire College Group
  • ARK Academies
  • Cheltenham College
  • St Albans Girls School
  • Graveney School
  • Caedmon College
  • Wadebridge School
  • Gosforth Academy
  • St Leonards Academy
  • Bradfield College
  • Flixton Girls School
  • Hereford Sixth Form College
  • Torbay School
  • West Berkshire PRU
  • RSA Academy